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Clamshell Features:

  • Work from anywhere, on any device, and keep data updated between all users
    • Whether you are in the office, in the field, at home, or working while on vacation, Clamshell is always available and will stay in sync with all other users on your project.
  • Generate and review AIA, 702/703 forms
    • Clamshell will quickly turn your data into the forms that you need to keep your project running smoothly.
  • Generate subcontractor payables and release documents
    • Pay your subcontractors quickly while saving time on accounting staff by automating your subcontractor payables process.
  • Keep tabs on your profitability through real-time margin reports
    • Your margin reports are at your fingertips and allow you to easily make decisions about the direction of your project and report profitability to your stakeholders.
  • Set-up self-perform work and general condition project budgets
    • Clamshell can track all labor, materials and equipment unit pricing and costs incurred on a daily basis.
  • Identify and report project issues
    • Clamshell provides a variety of reports that help you identify issues related to your construction project.
  • Create project accounting and other reports 
    • Generate and review your accounting reports and react to real-time conditions in the field to lead to improved margins.
  • Improve collaboration between field staff and office staff
    • Clamshell allows for unlimited users on each of your projects without risk of overwriting any data. Help your field staff and office staff work more collaboratively and improve communication.
  • Identify areas of your job that need improvement and deploy new or extra resources
    • With in-depth information provided by Clamshell, you gain insights into areas of your project that may need more or less attention in order to stay on time and on budget.
  • Unlimited users, unlimited data storage, unlimited customer support
    • Full and complete flexibility without any limitations.
  • Full email integration - send documents right from Clamshell
    • Provide your email settings during Clamshell set-up and sent PDF reports, invoices, payables and more directly from the application.
  • Two-factor authentication and cloud security keep your data private and safe
    • All Clamshell accounts are required to use two-factor authentication and a strong password.
      Clamshell uses industry-standard security practices, and all data access is restricted to only key individuals at Clamshell. 
      To protect against data loss, your data is backed up hourly to two independent cloud storage providers.
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