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Clamshell streamlines your construction project accounting with ease and accuracy.

Save time. Save Money. Understand Your Margins.

Which task do you need help streamlining?

Clamshell is an all-in-one application that is loaded with financial productivity tools.

Keep projects on track with access to a variety of reports.

Battle tested in the real-world on over $100 million in construction projects.

Get paid on time by generating progress billings to owners.

Generate and view real-time margin reports.

Unlimited users

One-click permissions and your files are always synced. 

About Clamshell

Clamshell construction project accounting software simplifies project management for general contractors, subcontractors, and design professionals. Use Clamshell on your next construction project and quickly generate progress billings and payments, create real-time margin reports, reduce human error, and save on staffing costs. We invite you to explore Clamshell, try a free trial, or contact us to learn more.

Construction Project Accounting Software

Easily Manage Your Records

Receive owner payments and make subcontractor payments faster. Generate AIA 702/703, payables, release forms, and more.

Construction Project Accounting Software

Keep Projects On-Track

Clamshell automatically calculates profit margins and provides real-time snapshots into your project while reducing human errors and staffing costs.

Construction Project Accounting Software

Tried and Tested in the Real World

Clamshell has been battle tested in the real world and currently manages over $100 million worth of construction projects.

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