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In the past I used an off-the-shelf spreadsheet program where manually built formulas controlled the workbook. As a result, human error was bound to occur, and often did. When a problem did arise, it was difficult to troubleshoot. Clamshell alleviates the stress of human error, is logical and user-friendly, has great support, and deploys updates in a timely manner.

Adeline Castrellon, Accounts Payable

I often found myself using a spreadsheet and then manually transferring data to our accounting system. Clamshell eliminates the need for me to carry-over data from one source to another. The Clamshell report generation feature is a huge time saver and provides my colleagues, project owners, and subs with a detailed information. The pass through from owner approved billing percentages to sub approved payment amounts is incredibly helpful. The construction industry needs this for end users.

Craig Shallenberger, Project Manager

Clamshell is very user-friendly, organized, and is easy to navigate through the different layers. Once I make changes, they take immediate effect and give me real-time updates. Clamshell's quick links and ease of setting up a project and reconciling is spectacular. Highly recommend!

Jonathan Oliveira, Project Manager

I love that two people can’t edit the same project at the same time in Clamshell! Clamshell eliminates the potential for overwriting data. It is very user-friendly and I enjoy how organized it is, as well as the automation features for change orders and use of formula data entry to quickly make adjustments. For me, Clamshell is a one-stop shop where I can easily access the Schedule of Values (SOV), subcontractor SOV, change orders, and more. I love the layout and the mathematical automation.

Damien Torres, Assistant Project Manager

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